Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s Finances Explained Amid Divorce

Inside Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolos Finances as He Requests Spousal Support in Divorce

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo
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The Bachelorette alum Bryan Abasolo claims he is unable to maintain his and estranged wife Rachel Lindsay’s “standard of living” as they go through their divorce, and new court documents reveal their fight over money.

Abasolo, 44, filed for divorce from Lindsay, 39, in January after four years of marriage. In May court documents obtained by Us Weekly, he requested emergency spousal support and for the former Bachelorette to cover at least $75,000 in legal fees. He claimed she is using their marital funds to pay for her own legal fees but refuses to let him access the money.

“I am informed and believe that Rachel has been using our community property monies to pay for her divorce lawyer and forensic accountant, while refusing to give me access to any of our community property funds to pay my divorce lawyer, my forensic accountant, or any of my personal expenses,” the filing alleges.

Abasolo was a chiropractor based in Miami when he met Lindsay, an attorney in Texas, on The Bachelorette. After their 2019 wedding, Lindsay moved to Abasolo’s native Florida but later left for California to take a job as an Extra correspondent. After a brief bicoastal marriage, Abasolo packed up his practice and moved to the City of Angels to be with Lindsay. (She no longer works for Extra but does host multiple podcasts. Lindsay also has written two books.)

“I placed my career as a chiropractor on hold to move twice for Rachel’s career,” he claimed in the filing. “These moves were detrimental to my chiropractic business, while Rachel’s income and success as a media personality skyrocketed.”

Amid Lindsay’s success, they “had an upper-class marital standard of living,” as they dined at celeb hotspots such as Nobu and Catch and traveled around the world with Abasolo noting they “frequently (if not always) flew business class and stayed at the finest hotels.”

Abasolo claims to now make $1,300 per month, which is less than his recurring expenses. Per the docs, Abasolo pays $6,500 in rent, $1,000 in restaurant meals, $1,500 for groceries and $2,500 in entertainment. His wedding band is also allegedly worth $1,000.

Inside Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolos Finances as He Requests Spousal Support in Divorce

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo
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Abasolo is now seeking financial assistance from Lindsay to be able to relocate from their shared L.A. abode. (They are both still living there but avoid each other, per the docs. Abasolo also alleges that Lindsay put up security cameras to monitor his “comings and goings” without sharing viewing credentials.)

“I want to move out of our Family Residence as soon as possible, but maintaining our standard of living is not financially feasible at this time,” he said in the papers.

During Lindsay and Abasolo’s marriage, they previously lived in a luxury condominium in West Hollywood before buying a “beautiful” house in North Hollywood. They also employed a landscaper, a pool cleaner and a housekeeper to maintain the property.

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Abasolo also noted that Lindsay currently drives a 2023 Porsche Macan, which retails for at least $68,500.

According to Abasolo, Lindsay is claiming that their shared home is her “sole and separate property.”

“I believe that the majority, if not all, of the $466,000 down payment on our Family Residence came from community property earned during our marriage,” his court docs read, noting that he is seeking funds to cover his attorney and accountant fees. Abasolo also believes he is entitled to half of their community property, meaning the L.A. home.

Lindsay has not addressed Abasolo’s claims. Us has reached out for comment.

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