How to Make Money with AI in 2023 (13 Ways)

Discover How to Make Money with AI Right Now! “Expert Advice for Increasing Earnings.
You would be surprised at how little it costs to maintain an AI business operating smoothly, yet when done well, it may generate thousands of dollars each month. We’ve collaborated to bring you some of the greatest methods to use AI for financial gain. And believe us when we say that these aren’t the same old ChatGPT hacks you keep seeing. You’ll be 80% of the way to earning your first dollar using AI if you dive into these AI freelance and money-making concepts.

How to Make Money with AI Here are 13 ways

There are 13 concepts that you can use. Each of these requires some kind of AI technology, as well as some strategic planning. But each is available to anyone who want to use AI to earn legitimate money online. Learning how to use AI will increase your productivity even if you don’t turn them into a business or side gig.

1.Use AI writers to create blogs or copywriting

The lifeblood of practically all digital marketing is content development. It’s a process that traditionally requires a large time and creative energy investment, from brainstorming and research to drafting, revising, and publication. This procedure can take hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the difficulty of the subject and the volume of the content.

Long-form essays, reports, and social media updates can all be written by AI content writers. This creates a wealth of attractive options for digital marketers and content developers. Businesses are constantly looking for new, interesting content because it aids in their ascent in search engine results, captures the attention of their audience, and establishes their expertise in their field.

Writing for websites and online publications can be lucrative occupations or side hustles. You can fast earn money writing if you keep getting better, use AI wisely, and are easy to work with.

You should check out Writesonic and Jasper AI, two of our favorite tools. However, there are also a lot of others out there.

2.Produce and Market AI-Generated Art

AI art is rapidly taking off, creating new potential and markets for the art world. A single work of art is often created by an artist over the course of hours, days, or even weeks. They must develop a concept, produce the artwork, and then figure out how to market it. Today, anyone can create AI art because to the availability of AI design tools.

How to Make Money with AI

AI art generators may produce original works of art in a matter of minutes. The best allow you to refine an image several times until it is ideal. It might appear to be a hack, but using AI to produce graphics that people want to buy is not a simple feat. In a crowded art market, prompt engineering is a big challenge, but if you develop your talent and identify a niche, you may sell AI-generated art in no time.

A piece of advice: Use print-on-demand services in conjunction with AI art to sell items on your own website or through an eCommerce service like Etsy. It’s a more advantageous strategy than selling. jpgs and could boost your earnings margins. Oh, and respect intellectual property; it’s preferable to come up with original concepts than to try to market Micky Mouse images.

3.Indie Product Development

It takes a lot of work to develop a product, especially in the tech sector. It entails developing a concept into a finished product, testing it, writing the code, and launching it. Depending on how sophisticated the product is, this procedure could take months or even years.

Copilot and other AI code assistants can expedite this procedure considerably. They offer in-the-moment code suggestions, automate tedious operations, and even aid with code debugging. As a result, you may create your product more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

Want some motivation? AudioPen was developed independently by Louis Pereira, and it quickly became a popular mobile app for capturing audio notes.

Because there is a rising market for specialized tech items, product development is a potential business prospect. AI code assistants can help developers (or wannabe developers) work more efficiently and launch products more quickly. What you can accomplish with a little determination and AI will surprise you.

4.Freelance as a Digital Marketer

A wide variety of talents are required for digital marketing. Because it needs a thorough comprehension of many platforms, channels, and strategies—and how they all fit together—it is a more difficult process to master. Numerous marketing tasks can be automated with AI marketing technologies. They may assist you in developing marketing campaigns, analyzing your outcomes, and optimizing/iterating your tactics based on predictive analytics, which may be somewhat more significant.

Businesses are seeking for ways to reach their target audience and boost sales, therefore this is a lucrative potential. Small business owners frequently acknowledge their need for assistance but lack the time to acquire new knowledge or technologies.
If you work in digital marketing, you can use AI tools to give your clients better results faster.

5.Professionally Edit Photos

A good eye for detail and a thorough knowledge of the various editing tools and techniques are essential for professional photo editing, which is a tedious procedure. It entails improving colors, changing lighting, getting rid of extraneous things, and more. Depending on the complexity of the image and the amount of detail needed, this procedure could take hours.

How to Make Money with AI

This process can be further accelerated using AI photo enhancement tools like Topaz Photo AI, Photoshop Generative Fill, or Luminar. They can even delete undesirable features while automatically adjusting lighting and enhancing colors. Even AI image upscalers exist to give pixelated images high resolution. You can now edit more photos in less time without sacrificing quality, thanks to this. Additionally, bulk editing is allowed, allowing you to use AI to apply a specific look to a large number of photographs.

This is a lucrative potential because there is a rising need for professional picture editing services, from people looking to improve their personal or professional image to businesses needing product photos.

AI picture enhancers can help photographers and graphic designers work more productively and take on more clientele. If not, it’s still not too late to begin.

6.Sales Ops Optimization

Many repetitive duties are involved in sales operations, from lead management and sales tracking through performance data analysis. It’s a time-consuming process that can eat up salespeople’s available time for relationship-building and deal-closing.

Many sales and management tasks can be automated with AI sales platforms like Gong,, or Sendspark. They can assist with managing leads, monitoring sales, analyzing performance statistics, and even offering suggestions for enhancing sales tactics. The sole issue?

Many companies are unaware of the options they have, and those that are have a high learning curve when integrating potent AI tools into their sales operations.

Due to the fact that companies are constantly looking for ways to boost sales and boost productivity, this is a lucrative potential. You can advise businesses on the technology and even offer to implement sales operational tools as a service if you become proficient in a few AI sales platforms.

7.Social Media Video Editing

For many companies and influencers alike, making interesting social media videos is an important tactic. However, for many people, video editing can be a little too much to grasp. Additionally, many individuals find tasks like cutting video, applying effects and transitions, and synchronizing audio to be too difficult because they call for both software and technical expertise. Before AI, video editing work was frequently contracted out to experts with the tools needed to perform it well.

Much of this procedure can be automated using AI video editing technologies. They can review your footage, pick the best segments, and then add transitions and effects. As a result, you may produce professional-level social media videos in much less time. Anyone involved positive effects, therefore it’s a win-win situation. We advise trying out FlexClip to see how it uses AI to make numerous video editing and creation processes really simple.

8.Configure and Deploy AI Chatbots

Providing excellent customer service is essential for every organization. However, responding to consumer inquiries might take a lot of time and effort. AI chatbots are useful in this situation. AI website chatbots may respond instantly to client enquiries around-the-clock, saving your team’s time so they can concentrate on more difficult duties. They can provide common-sense answers, walk users through procedures, and even help with sales and reservations.

Because companies are constantly looking for methods to boost productivity and enhance customer service, this is a profitable potential. You can provide AI chatbot setup if you’re a novice developer or don’t mind learning conversational AI technology. To train a chatbot for businesses, you can set up website connectivity, collect a knowledge base, and compile any internal documents. Once your client is satisfied, deploy it. For the building of AI chatbots, we suggest looking into Chatbase and Botsonic

9.Create Music and Background Tracks

Few people have the talent for the creative process of making music or background tracks for videos, games, or other media. AI music generators like Mubert or AIVA can help with this process by producing original compositions in a matter of seconds.

You may produce the ideal track for any project using these AI tools, which can make music in a variety of moods and styles. Additionally, they can facilitate your exploration of various musical concepts and hasten the compositional process.

By enabling you to prompt-engineer your way to a lucrative service-based business in music, AI democratizes music and music production, placing you at its center. You can use freelance markets like Fiverr to market your skills to more people than you had anticipated.

10.Deliver Website SEO Services

A website must be optimized for search engines in order to perform well in search engine optimization, or SEO. It necessitates a thorough understanding of keyword research, content optimization, and search engine algorithms. It can take a while to complete this process, especially for huge websites.

How to Make Money with AI

This approach can be aided by AI SEO tools like SEMrush, SurferSEO, or AlliSEO. They can complete tasks like content optimization, keyword research, and performance tracking in a fraction of the time it would take a person. Additionally, they can assist with more difficult activities like technical SEO and link development.

There is a big market for SEO services, thus this is a good business opportunity. AI techniques can be used by SEO experts to boost productivity and draw in more customers. Clients may also receive AI SEO services from them.

Additionally, it should go without saying that SEO for your own website (if you have one) can aid in increasing traffic and revenue. These SEO plugins will be useful if you have a WordPress website.

11.Become an AI-Powered Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing, which involves promoting the goods of other people or businesses in exchange for a commission, has long been a dependable method of making money online. However, the landscape is cutthroat, making it difficult to stand out. That’s where AI enters the picture and changes the affiliate marketing landscape

They can assist with product selection, video production, email marketing, and internal linking automation. A simple affiliate website and an AI writer are all that are needed to use AI for affiliate marketing. Even so, a lot of the AI marketing techniques that would benefit any organization would also benefit yours.

A profitable possibility has long existed in affiliate marketing. Thousands of people are now using AI to increase their success.

12.AI Social Media Management

Most people find managing social media to be a laborious endeavor. Not everyone wants to spend all of their time thinking about social media, especially business owners. It necessitates an excessive amount of platform, content development, and community management knowledge

Automated social media management solutions can schedule and create posts. Social media marketing becomes a little more tenable if they can accomplish that. Numerous AI social solutions also assist you with your analytics and inboxes. Using AI, social media can be improved in literally every area.

AI techniques can be used by social media administrators to boost productivity and draw in more customers. See how much simpler it is to handle by using Ocoya for organic social and Adzooma for paid social.

13.Use AI for Web Design

Any self-respecting business has long been understood to need a website. In order to prosper, businesses must create and maintain websites. A website that is well-designed will draw in more visitors, keep them there longer, and turn them into paying clients.

Even if conventional web design repulses you, there is still room for AI web design and it is getting better all the time. AI produces beautiful designs, writes the copy for landing pages, and overall eases the burden of creating a website from scratch. The creation and management of websites is made simple by the abundance of AI WordPress plugins and AI website builders.

Divi AI, which adds incredible AI capabilities to WordPress’s most potent visual editor, is something we’d recommend exploring.


AI is changing how we work and generate value across many disciplines, including writing, art, coding, and marketing. Instead of replacing people, technology aims to improve our capabilities and enable us to achieve greater things.

But make sure you have the necessary tools before starting. View our guides to the top digital business tools. We have a ton of stuff to keep you up to date whether you’re looking to write, design, code, or market.

What business application of AI has you scratching your head? We are curious!

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