How To Make Money On OnlyFans, Based On The creators 2023

our advice on how to make money on OnlyFans, learn the secrets of financial success. Currently is the time to unlock the potential for wealth.

In the past two years, OnlyFans has flourished, especially for producers of pornographic content.
For many influencers, the subscription platform has developed into a profitable source of income.
Here are seven methods how to make money on OnlyFans, from subscriptions to direct messages.

For many influencers, especially those who generate explicit video, OnlyFans has developed into a significant revenue stream.

Subscriptions, direct messages, tips, pay-per-view material, and other revenue streams are among the main ways to monetize on OnlyFans. Even some OnlyFans writers have launched their own tutoring firms. Some OnlyFans stars earn millions of dollars a year in income, which can be very substantial.

She revealed to Insider that Bryce Adams, the developer of OnlyFans, earns $6.4 million annually. To serve various customer types, she employs three profiles.

Read more about Adams’ business growth to over $6 million in yearly income as well as her success tactics.

How To Make Money On Onlyfans The Top Seven Ways To Earn Money From OnlyFans Are As Follows:

Subscriptions  Pay-per-view contentDirect messagingTipsPromo ‘shoutouts’CoachingLivestreamingFAQS


The simplest method of monetization for producers is through subscriptions. Users must pay a monthly or annual charge in order to unlock content, such as images and movies. Of that money, the creator keeps 80% while the business receives the remaining 20%.

It is up to the creator to decide how much to charge for subscriptions, and this might be a difficult figure to calculate.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans, Based On The creators 2023

Morgan Edwards, an OnlyFans celebrity known as “Kitty K,” admitted that as a rookie, she was “in the dark” about how to set the cost of memberships to her work. Creating a strategy necessitates some industry expertise.

On OnlyFans, you can learn more about the method 7 producers employ to determine the cost of their content.

After gaining some experience, Edwards established a lucrative profession with OnlyFans, charging close to $70 for three months of access.

See how Edwards developed her OnlyFans profile and earned $1.2 million in just two years.

Pay-per-view content

Creators can choose to hide more feed material, typically photographs or videos, behind a paywall so that users can access it for a price.
Paid posts, also known as PPV posts, allow you to gate some of your material while making the rest of it available for free. This is advantageous for novice creators who are hesitant to put all of their content behind a paywall. The concept is to charge for the best content, and anyone willing to pay to view it will have access to it.

You can upload voice notes, videos, and photos and charge for them. According to OnlyFans, premium postings stand out if your fans are already enthused about your free material!

Direct messaging

You may charge up to $100 for a direct, private message, which is exactly what it sounds like: communications sent directly to your followers. Fans perceive this as highly exclusive content that you personally sent.

Imagine sending someone customised, unrestricted movies or photographs via direct chat. You realize the impact that has in a place like OnlyFans.

Other than PPV content, the messaging tool has other applications. Smart artists welcome their fans with individualized messages and send out mass messages with content updates. Yes, such stuff is free, but it cultivates a devoted following. Nobody ever said it would be simple to make money on OnlyFans!


Additionally, OnlyFans subscribers have the option of tipping creators with money. For instance, Amber Sweetheart claims she has subscribers who return daily to interact with her and provide her tips through her business, OnlyFans, which is focused on her close relationship with her fans.

As stated in a “Bustle” story, one OnlyFans developer referred to tips as their “bread and butter.” Viewers can leave feedback on specific posts or your entire material. For the first four months, a user’s tips are limited to $100. The maximum tip amount after that is $200.
To monetize with tips, your page must have at least five posts. You can make a tip menu that details how you’ll give various types of content or levels of involvement depending on the tip amount

Promo ‘shoutouts’

Promo ‘shoutouts’ For example, many OnlyFans artists buy and sell “shoutouts” from one another to advertise on OnlyFans and other social media networks in order to attract new clients. These kinds of promotional articles are so crucial to some producers’ businesses that they hire assistance to handle their marketing.


As another form of income, some OnlyFans developers are starting private coaching businesses and course programs. For instance, Aura began taking an OnlyFans course when she noticed a rise in the number of people asking her for help navigating the platform.


For instance, Steph Mi routinely broadcasts live on the site, typically for two hours. She keeps the first hour open to the public then changes to a pay-per-view, private version for the second. Another choice for free accounts who want to monetize some of their material is to live stream paid content. Tickets can cost as little as $5, and you sell access to these PPV streams. Streaming, according to OnlyFans, fosters “a sense of authenticity, intimacy, and community between creators and fans.”

How To Make Money On OnlyFans, Based On The creators 2023

You can co-stream on OnlyFans in a manner akin to going live with another creative on Instagram. This is a fantastic way to collaborate with other creators and expand your respective audiences.


Q: What is the most effective approach to profit from OnlyFans?

Creators often refer to tips as their “bread and butter,” and you may design personalized tip selections to nudge your visitors toward leaving specific sums. To monetize with tips, you must a minimum of five posts.

Q: How much do new users on OnlyFans make?

Beginners make on average under $200 per month. The initial few months shouldn’t serve as a benchmark for future success. You have to persevere to make it work, just as with any side business online.

Q:: How challenging is OnlyFans’ business model?

It’s not a get-rich-quick scam, OnlyFans. Gaining followers requires understanding how the site functions, and more followers equate to more money. Check out our list of additional side jobs to augment your income while you learn more about earning money on OnlyFans if OnlyFans is your ideal job.

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