20 Secret Websites To Make Money Online In 2023

Unearth the hidden gems of online income sources as we delve into secret websites to make money. Discover authentic methods to boost your financial prospects.
Online income generation has become more and more common in recent years. There are many options for people to make money online thanks to the internet. Many people are looking for secret websites make money online, but they don’t know where to look. There are several opportunities, from freelance work to affiliate marketing.

Here are the 20 Secret Websites to Make Money Online in 2023

Speechify.com – Text To Audio Conversion

Speechify.com is a top website for content producers. On the website Speechify.com, you may turn your written words into audio. It’s a great way to add more content to your podcast, YouTube channel, or other audio-based content. You can use it to turn books, articles, and other publications into audio recordings. On Speechify.com, register for a free account, copy and paste the text you want to make into audio, and the website will take care of the rest.

Making Online Courses at Teachable.com

You may design and market online courses on Teachable.com. If you are an expert in a certain field, you can design an online course and market it on Teachable.com. The drag-and-drop course builder on their website can be used to construct your course and add content. As soon as the course is complete, you can decide on a pricing and begin selling it. Everything is handled by Teachable.com, including course delivery and payment processing.

UserTesting.com – Apps and Websites Testing

The website UserTesting.com pays users to evaluate websites and mobile applications. You may earn money by testing websites and apps and giving comments if you register with UserTesting.com. You can earn up to $10 every test and each test takes roughly 20 minutes. UserTesting.com is a great choice if you’re looking for a straightforward online income opportunity.

Rabbit Task

Secret Websites To Make Money

Using the app Task Rabbit, those who need help with tasks may connect with people who can finish them. Cleaning, moving, and handyman services are just a few of the things you can do to make money. You can decide what you want to work on and establish your own pricing.

Homestyler.com: 3D Designing for Profit

Homestyler.com is another website we’ve included. It’s a website where users may create free 3D drawings of houses and objects. Previously, individuals would pay pros to make 3D designs for them, but now you can do it yourself for free with Homestyler.com. By creating a free account, you can use Home Styler points to access unlimited 1K rendering, free 2K rendering, and video rendering. But how can it assist you in earning money? On companies like Fiverr.com, you may utilize these designs to market your services. Numerous people will offer 3D printing designs and technical engineering drawings if you search for “3D design” on Fiverr.com.

The Selling Your Articles On Medium

Medium.com is another website we’ve included. People can publish their writings on Medium.com and get traffic to their websites. Approximately 142 million people visit Medium.com each month, with an average readership of just under 2%, according to SimilarWeb. By creating and sharing your tales on Medium.com, you can earn money. Reading time and membership referrals are two ways to get money. Apply, get accepted, publish your stories, make money from reading or citations, and then you’ll start being paid each month.

Making Excellent Videos using Veed.io

You will adore veed.io if you create stuff. On this website, anyone may use AI to produce a fantastic film. You can use this specific website to complete projects lasting longer than ten minutes as well as your first film, both of which can be created without cost. Veed.io is outstanding in part because of its excellent AI, which enables you to use a different voice to read your texts. You don’t have to pay anything if you use this tool to have a British, American, or any other accent.


Secret Websites To Make Money

With the help of the website Gigwalk, users may get paid to carry out quick jobs close to home. These duties could involve checking addresses, testing apps, or taking pictures of companies. The pay varies according to the job, but it can be a fantastic way to supplement your income.


You can earn money by working out using the Sweatcoin app. Sweatcoins, which may be exchanged for goods, services, or cash, are given to you as a reward for using the app to track your steps. It’s a fantastic way to maintain motivation and get some additional cash while being active.


Respondent is a website that compensates users for divulging their wisdom and experience. For taking part in studies, Respondent pays anything from $100 and $750 an hour, in contrast to other websites like this that just pay peanuts. Simple registration on the website using a work email and personalization of your skills and hobbies will get you started.

Product Tube

Product Tube is a high-end video survey software that pays users for creating brief videos about common items. You can make money by making short movies at home, filming videos in stores, or utilizing augmented reality to test out new product possibilities the app offers. According to the app, uploading these video reviews might reward you $50 to $80 each hour.


Joining BestMark will allow you to start making easy money while also receiving free goods and services. It is your responsibility as a secret shopper to complete tasks and then report back on your experience. Depending on the job you have, you can make up to $35 per hour

Side Job Database

You can use the Side Hustle Database’s many filtering features to browse through hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of different side jobs and money-making opportunities. You can locate fast cash or even free cash, but these options to generate money only have the potential to pay you over $100,000 annually.


With the app Wrapify, you are paid to drive about with a professionally wrapped automobile. Wrapify will compensate you more the more you drive. Making money from something you would be doing anyhow might bring you anything from $200 to $400 each month.

the prolific

You can take part in paid studies with Prolific, a research platform. Studies on a variety of subjects, such as social sciences, psychology, and consumer behavior, might pay up to $10 per hour for your participation.


A freelance marketplace is Fiverr. The categories in which you can sell your services include writing, coding, and design. You may access millions of clients and establish your own prices.


Secret Websites To Make Money

Upwork is another freelance website. You can connect with businesses and entrepreneurs looking for professional services.You place bids on jobs that suit your skills.


Freelancer gives you the opportunity to bid on jobs. By working on projects and interacting with clients, you can earn money.


If you are an artist or enjoy crafts, Etsy is perfect for you. You can market your handmade, vintage, or digital goods. Global visitors to the internet are looking for distinctive, original products.

Secret websites to make money from EBay

There is no need to introduce eBay. However, it’s a simple way to earn money. You can use it as an eCommerce platform to launch a business or sell any antique or vintage stuff you own. You can market a variety of commodities, from electrical gadgets to priceless antiquities.

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